How We Help Your Retained Search Business

Grow your business with experienced talent that can hit the
ground running on day one.

Retained Search

Now Hiring You is sought out by quality candidates because they know we are linked to the best companies and they trust us with quality career advice. We are known for our high level of
integrity, which places a client’s best interests at the forefront of our efforts.

Now Hiring You has a contingency/retained search division that will help fill your core accounting and finance positions while our temporary placement division provides interim staffing for your specific projects, special needs, or seasonal & peak periods.

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The Roadmap for Success

Our unique approach to talent placement puts us head and
shoulders above the industry
  • Recruit 1


    We are constantly networking and connecting with quality talent before they’re even ready to move. Our database is active and extensive.

  • Vetted 1


    We specialize in experienced talent, not kids fresh out of school. We know the companies they are coming from and their references.

  • Assess 1


    We meet with companies like yours looking to fill a position. We need to understand the roles you need filled as well as the personality you want to bring into the organization.

  • Internal Interview 1

    Internal Interview

    We pre-interview candidates before we send them for your consideration. We get updated on their skills, certifications, and size them up for a culture fit in your organization.

  • Video CV 1

    Video CV

    We make a video interview with the candidate and forward it for your consideration.

  • Your Interview 1

    Your Interview

    We often accompany candidates to their interview with you to help break the ice and introduce them to you personally.

  • Placement 1


    When you’ve selected the candidate you wish to hire, we’ll facilitate negotiating their compensation package with you

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