Why People Keep Quitting Your Company

It can be a major setback to lose a talented, capable employee. When this happens, it makes sense to consider the reasons he or she decided to leave. Are you conducting exit interviews? Leaders, take care of your employees. A recent Forbes Magazine article says the following: “When your employees say to themselves and others, ‘Where’s the love?’ you’ve got a problem. Do you know what they are missing? Do you know what they want to be engaged and happy? I suggest you sit down with them and ask. Generally, they will tell you: a) I want to feel respected; b) pay me what I’m worth, and when I exceed expectations, share the wealth; c) be kind and considerate; d) let me fail, try and learn; and e) let me grow and develop my skills. There’s more—go find out what’s on employees’ minds and then respond accordingly.”

Perhaps your employees aren’t as happy as they should be under your employment. If this is the case, your business has a problem at its most foundational level. Measures should be taken to understand the issues, and how to address them from their root causes. Effective management of workers can involve a variety of tasks and processes, and it’s important to have an organizational system that allows you to have quick access to information in order to make prudent decisions. The best software available to manage tasks and processes related to employees for small and medium-sized businesses is called HireVault. We track training, performance, completion of documents needed when hiring, and even remind you to reach out to employees for important dates that make them feel important.

Warm Fuzzy Employees = Better Performance & Better Engagement.

HireVault increases your efficiency and productivity dramatically by allowing you to organize all employee information in one place. For most small businesses, a tremendous amount of time and productivity are lost from administering HR tasks in an inefficient way. HireVault has a user-friendly interface that keeps all information organized and at your fingertips. The affordability and accessibility of HireVault make it one of the best investments business owners and managers can make to help them reach their growth and productivity goals. HireVault is the most cost-effective HR and business management software system available for small to medium-sized businesses, and is built on a solid foundation of quality.

With a good system in place to see who is performing optimally and who isn’t, managers can make informed decisions for how to delegate work in a better way. One of the most overlooked areas of HR management is reporting. Every good manager needs to take stock of how team members are performing. Our Ad Hoc reporting feature allows reports to be created in the way YOU want them, giving much richer reports displaying only the data you want to see.

HR software has become one of the most important tools for the modern business. Even the small business with 20 employees needs to realize the benefits of using HR software to be more efficient. Many firms do not realize the time and money being wasted by manually executing Human Resource Management (HRM) tasks. By implementing HireVault’s HRMS/HRIS system, your company can manage human resource cost, optimize the human resource process, and increase the efficiency and value of human capital. Additionally, with the increase in private sector employment, the use of HR software has become an absolute requirement for companies to manage their human resources.

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