The Now Hiring You Difference

We are intense networkers with strong connections to the movers and shakers in the legal and financial communities.

We have our ears to the ground and know when an opportunity is opening before the market does. Our talent is experienced, vetted and ready to hit the ground running.
We provide candidate videos so you can preview talent.

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Industries of Expertise

Many agencies are a Jack-of-All Trades. We specialize to bring you the best talent.
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How We Help Your Business

Grow your business with experienced talent that can hit the ground running on day one.
  • Retained Search

    Retained Search

    Now Hiring You is sought out by quality candidates because they know we are linked to the best companies and they trust us with quality career advice. We are known for our high level of integrity, which places a client’s best interests at the forefront of our efforts.

    Now Hiring You has a contingency/retained search division that will help fill your core accounting and finance positions while our temporary placement division provides interim staffing for your specific projects, special needs, or seasonal & peak periods.

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  • Direct Hire

    Direct Hire

    Now Hiring You helps you make career decisions by keeping your best interests and career goals in mind. We have opportunities with a wide range of companies in various industries across the country.

    Our direct hire placement services are performed on a contingency fee basis only. So, you only pay us a fee only after hiring one of our candidates.

    Our Direct Hire Staffing Specialist will screen resumes, interview candidates, and test candidates in their skill area. Once suitable candidates are found, your Direct Hire Staffing Specialist will review the candidates with you. We will then schedule interviews for you at your convenience.

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  • Contract To Hire

    Contract To Hire

    Are you still having your staff invest countless hours attempting to recruit, evaluate, screen, and interview candidates for your open positions?

    By utilizing our contract to hire services, you can shift those administrative burdens onto our experienced shoulders.

    While we retain the contract to hire employee on our payroll and benefits package, you have the opportunity to observe their skill sets and determine their compatibility within your company culture. When the contract is up, you may choose to hire the well-tested employee for a reduced fee.

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